Virtual Assistant Training Podcasts

Do you like learning at your own pace from the comfort of your own home? Want to learn new skills and expand you earning potential?

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We have a range of exciting practical teleseminars and webinars available so that you can continue learning using just your telephone and computer. No need to spend time and money travelling to training venues, and no need to make arrangements to be away from home. You can learn in the comfort of your own home at a pace to suit you.

These podcasts are audio recordings in mp3 format you can download and listen to on the go…perfect for even the most busy of people who love to develop their skills and improve their business.

We are constantly updating this page so keep checking back for exciting new podcasts to help you with your Virtual Assistant business.

Setting up the Basics – only £37

Where do you start when you first set out and what do you need? This podcasts guides you through the basics of what you actually need to set up your business without it having to cost a small fortune.


Financials – only £37

All things money related, this podcast answers the all important questions of ‘how much can I charge’ and ‘how do I get paid’? Get it right now so you don’t undercharge for your services and have to raise yourr rates later on.

Identity – only £37

What do you need when you first start out in terms of identity and marketing? This podcast guides you through the minefield of creating an identity and branding for your business from day 1.

Client Consultation – only £37

Ever wondered how to conduct an effective client consultation so you can screen potential clients and look professional whilst doing it? This podcast guides you through the process as well as questions and follow up techniques.

Client Management – only £37

What do you need in place once you get more than 1 client? This podcasts gives you some ideas of how to manage clients so you don’t suffer from overwhelm and still make clients feel special.

Working With Clients – only £37

This podcast helps you to understand how to actually complete work for your clients so that you can get paid.

Introduction to Networking
What is networking all about and why should you participate?  This podcast takes you through some of the basics to networking and gives you a good starting point.

Networking Top Tips
Practical tips to help make your networking successful. These simple tips, if followed, can make sure your networking activities are highly effective.

Making Perfect Presentations
How to craft the perfect presentation to use at networking events so that you stand out from the crowd. This podcast guides you through making sure your presentation is perfect every time.

Effective Follow Up
Steps to follow up with networking contacts to turn contacts into clients.  This is one of the most important elements of networking which is so often overlooked – make sure you are successful in this area by following these simple strategies.

Referral Partners & Strategic Alliances
Taking your networking activities to the next level by working with referral partners and forming strategic alliances.  Must have podcast for savvy networkers!