VIP Intensive Days


Due to our busy work commitments with our primary businesses, we have taken the decision to close down VA Success Group as we don’t have the time to dedicate to any more Virtual Assistants.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has become a valued member of our community and we wish you continued success with your virtual assistant business.

Thank you,

Emma & Justine


Imagine if you could really accelerate your results to building and growing a super successful AND profitable Virtual Assistant business

This fast track to success is possible with a VIP Intensive Day where we will pack months of coaching, mentoring and learning into a 1 day strategy session that focuses solely on your business – no-one else but you!

What would it mean to you if you could have a step by step blueprint and plan you can follow to really build your business to the level you know it can be and create a profitable VA business?

That’s exactly what will happen at one of our VIP Intensive Days.  The great thing about these days is that it is tailored to your specific needs so we cover exactly what you need help with.  Below is an example of what an agenda could look like for you:


  1. Work out exactly what you need in place for setting up your business so you don’t waste any money
  2. Set your rates so that you are charging what you are worth
  3. Create an effective client consultation process so that you can close more sales
  4. Craft your marketing message so that you attract your ideal clients…who doesn’t want that?

The focus here is on getting everything ready to start working with your ideal clients.


  1. Work out exactly who your ideal clients are so you don’t waste any time or money talking to the wrong people
  2. Create a  client consultation process that works so you can improve your conversion rates and make more sales
  3. Craft your perfect marketing message so that you attract your ideal clients
  4. Plan for success so that we put it all together into manageable tasks of everything you need to do to achieve your big goals…who doesn’t want to build their business further and make more money?

The focus here is on building on the business you have already created and taking it to the next level.

You will leave with a clear plan of what you need to do over the next 12 months so that you can start taking action immediately.

Our VIP Intensive Days are a virtual full day meeting with both Emma and Justine where we concentrate 100% on your business.

Why should you listen to us?

Emma Walker

I am an award winning business owner and busy mum who has to balance running the business around my daughter, the school run and growing family (latest addition to the Walker family is due September 2012).

Worked for a bully boss but found a way out with my first business
I know what it is like to dread going to work every day, wondering what the day had in store and what mood my boss would be in.  It came to the point where I could no longer go on and made the decision to resign, with immediate effect.

It was a great feeling but then I had to figure out what I wanted to do – find another job or pursue my long held dream of working for myself.  I decided to go with the dream and started my route into self employment with my first (and still running) business as a Virtual Assistant.

Struggled to grow business to where I knew it could be
When you first start your business, it is really exciting as you get to make all the decisions but there comes a point where you realise you don’t know all the answers.  I knew my business could be truly successful but how could I get there.

Had my daughter and fit my schedule completely around her
Not long after starting the VA business, I was pregnant with my first child which brought itself a whole lot of challenges when she was born.  I now had to find the time to do the client work, market the business for new clients and look after a newborn – to say my juggling skills were put to the test is an understatement!

However, I found a way to balance all aspects of my business and personal life and have in fact started another online training business with Justine as well as creating The Mumpreneur’s Mentor to help other mums like me.

I will now be adding to the juggling mix with the arrival of my second child due September 2012.

Justine Curtis

I’m a busy entrepreneur, successful business woman and (wicked) stepmum who is passionate about sharing my knowledge to help other virtual assistants build their own successful VA business.

Became industry leader as VA association chair

I am the founder and chairman of The UK Association of Virtual Assistants (UKAVA). The UKAVA was formed in 2005 to fill a void in the virtual assistant market. Virtual assistants were becoming more and more in demand as small businesses and sole traders flourished but there was no real association where prospective clients or existing and new virtual assistants could go for information, advice and recommendations.

What the industry needed was a one-stop shop for both potential clients and virtual assistants alike – the UKAVA was born.

The UKAVA has gone on to become the number one resource for Virtual Assistants wishing to advertise their services to potential clients, and for potential clients looking for their perfect business partner. For more information visit

Justine is the author of the first book published in the UK on the subject of “Setting Yourself Up As A Virtual Assistant”. Available in paperback from or as an eBook download from

Transformed my successful VA business into network of license holders

I am also the founder and Director of My Virtual Assistant Limited. My Virtual Assistant is a flourishing virtual business support service, rapidly expanding through a network of licensees across the UK, providing virtual office support, personal assistance, secretarial, business support and administration services to entrepreneurs and small businesses. For more information see

Featured in the national press

I have been interviewed as an expert in her field by BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour, The Times, The Independent on Sunday, CNBC Business Magazine and the London Evening Standard and  is proud to be able to pass on the benefits of her vast experience of the VA role to aspiring and progressive VAs as a Co-Founder of the VA Success Group.

Now you can learn all the secrets form the best in the business. Two successful entrepreneurs and business women who are devoting our time and effort into helping you succeed. We will teach you all the insider secrets we’ve learned along the way so that you can benefit from our extensive experience, build your business on solid foundations, get it off to a truly flying start and grow your business to bursting point!.

If you’re not prepared to do the work and invest in yourself for your business success, then this mentoring isn’t for you.  If you want to go from overwhelm to a successful VA business and this is calling to you, we welcome you on board.

Just click the link below and you could be on your way to your own successful VA business today!