Virtual Assistant Business Document Templates


Due to our busy work commitments with our primary businesses, we have taken the decision to close down VA Success Group as we don’t have the time to dedicate to any more Virtual Assistants.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has become a valued member of our community and we wish you continued success with your virtual assistant business.

Thank you,

Emma & Justine


Do you need comprehensive forms, templates and documents you can use in your VA business immediately?

Do you lack effective systems and processes and forget things you need to do or follow up?

Don’t want to spend time and money getting it wrong?

Document Packs

Having systems and processes in place is essential for running a successful business.  Once you have clients on board, you need to be able to concentrate on completing their work, not worrying about what you might have forgotten or how to keep track of everything.

That’s why we have created these fully customisable high quality document templates that allow you to insert your details and start using immediately.

Provided in Word format, documents include all the text you need, all you need to do is add your personal information and branding to create a unique and professional document.

Best buy!  Just what I needed.  I had researched other sources and had also spent time creating my own but out a stop to that, went onto the VASG and downloaded the document template.I have found all of them very useful and have used the template to form my own documents which are now in use.We worry about spending money but I have saved myself time and money by using these templates.Hannah Faulds

We have spent the time creating these templates so you don’t have to!  

All our document templates have been grouped into handy packs so that you have a range of templates to use in each category.

You asked for feedback regarding the Document Template Pack which I ordered.  It is an excellent, comprehensive pack which covered everything I needed and gave me complete peace of mind to know that all angles have now been covered right down to finding a debt collection agency which I had certainly not thought of doing!  My business is only a couple of weeks old and everything is now in place for me to start marketing myself.  Having also bought your ‘Setting up as a VA’ and marketing courses, I feel very confident that I am laying strong foundations and will be able to grow my business into a successful entity.Anne-Marie Bell


New Client Templates Pack – only £79.00

This pack helps guide you through the consultation stage from prospective clients to signed up VA clients.  This is our best seller as it includes a lot of really useful forms and processes that help you to really stand out from the crowd and win those all important clients.

1. Information pack – An outline of your working practices, services and rates that you send to prospective clients interested in your services

2. Prospective client questionnaire – This document collects all the information you need to know about your prospect. Use it as a guide to define what support the prospective client needs

3. Client consultation – Your process and more detailed fact finding questions to help you ‘interview’ prospective clients

4. Welcome pack – A pack of detailed information to send once prospective clients become your client

5. Terms and conditions* – general but vital information regarding payment, confidentiality, omissions, etc

6. New client questionnaire – For your new clients to complete so that you can get to know them and their preferences

7. New customer checklist – Use this to make sure so you don’t miss anything

8. Proposal – detailed proposal to send if a formal proposal is requested or for use with larger companies

The templates I have purchased from your website are fantastic – I had no idea where to start with producing these kind of documents and your forms are brilliant.  I have customised and tweaked and have already put into please the Pre-consultation Questionnaire….and I look forward to using the Client Consultation form tomorrow when I meet the potential new client.  The welcome pack and information pack is also extremely useful and I spent the weekend branding them all as my own.Thank you so much for these – the process was easy to download….fast….reasonably priced…and exactly what I was after!  It would have taken hours of my time had I even attempted to put these docs together myself from scratch…so thank you again!  You have made my life easier and my business look more professional!  I love them!



Client Management Templates Pack – only £49.00

Once you have signed up your clients, this document pack will help you manage the relationships successfully and to help you appear super organised.

1. Satisfaction survey – If you provide an ad-hoc or one off service, ask your client to complete this to monitor what clients thought about your service. A great tool for gathering testimonials and improving your service

2. Review form – Send this out regularly to ongoing clients to monitor what clients think about your service and how you both can work to continually improve your relationship

3. Weekly activity report – Client will want to know how you’ve spent the time you’ve billed them for so use this to detail work completed for retainer clients

Thanks Justine and Emma for providing me the most valuable documentation I have ever bought! I was dubious to begin with to pay out so much money on something I had not perused but they have proven their worth several times overIt has made me focus on my business planning and gives me a more professional attitude to my work and Clients.Natalie Andrews


Finance Templates Pack – only £49.00

The documents will help with the financial aspects of running your VA business to make sure you track everything and most importantly, get paid on time!

1. Time sheets – A spreadsheet with all formulas included to help you with time tracking and billing

2. Invoice – An invoice template to customise and use

3. Statement  – Statement to send out for any due or overdue invoices

4. Invoice tracking – This is a simple tracking system for all your incoming and outgoing invoices

5. First payment collection letter – To send when payment is a few days overdue

6. Second payment collection letter – To send as a follow up to first letter is payment is not forthcoming

7. Standing Order Mandate – Set up a regular monthly payment direct from your clients bank to yours for use with retainer clients

This template pack is fantastic value for money. It would have taken me days to compile the information myself so you’ve saved me a huge amount of work! The experience behind these templates is reflected in the way in which they are expertly and professionally written. I’m very grateful – thank you and keep up the great work.Efie


Associate Working Templates Pack – only £79.00

These valuable documents are a must have for anyone wanting to take on associates so you can expand your business without taking on employees.

1. Information pack – Information about your business to send to those who express an interest in joining you

2. Application form – What do you need to know about them? This document helps in the screening process

3. Interview form – It’s imperative to interview your associates as these are the people that will be in direct contact with your clients. Use this form to ask the right questions and record your notes

4. Policy manual – This document details how you operate and how associates will work in your team

5. Reference Request form – To send to request references for successful associate candidates


I think the documents are GREAT!!  I am just getting in to the virtual business and these documents are a great tool.  I have started to customize and cannot wait to use on my soon-to-be clients.Lena

Can I pay by credit or debit card?

Yes, you can pay by credit or debit card using PayPal – just click the Add to Cart button to get started.

Do I need a PayPal account to buy from you?

Not at all, you can use PayPal with your credit or debit card without needing an account.

Are there any other payments after I pay the £49 or £79?

To access this templates, there is a one off fee of either £49 or £79 (depending on which pack you purchase) which will allow you to download the documents to your computer so you can customise them to your own needs.

How do I receive the Document Template Packs?

Once you make payment by credit or debit card, you will be sent an email with a link to download the documents directly onto your computer so that you can start making them suit your business requirements immediately.

Thank you for the creating the Document Template Pack – it’s saved me a lot of time (and money!) and I’ve already used it for two new clients!  It really helps to make me look more professional!Julie-Anne
I have now customised the templates that I purchased from you.  Having these templates has made setting up my internal processes so much easierI have not yet started trading, still have some bits to sort out before I do, but I now have all my documentation in place ready for when I do start trading.Sharon
Many thanks for your ‘check up’ it really is so reassuring to know that there is such great support out there.When I was made redundant in July 2011 it was the perfect opportunity to set up my own VA business.  As you know I did the course and found it invaluable, well worth the money. The Document Template Pack was the final piece of the jigsaw to start the business.Thank you all once again for all your information, please keep it coming, it is so very helpful and of course very interesting.

Angela Hill

I just want to say thank you for the document templates. They will be so useful and have definitely reduced my to-do list of initial start-up tasks. I’m just in the process of setting up a new VA business in Bolton and I think these templates are an excellent idea for those just setting up. It is difficult to know where to start sometimes with a new business, but the templates definitely give you a head start. Thanks again!


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