Virtual Assistant Mentoring

Advice and guidance to help you build the perfect virtual assistant business for you!

Would you like to receive mentoring from real life virtual assistants? Get honest answers to your questions about your business and issues?


At the VA Success Group, we offer mentoring services to those virtual assistants who have very specific questions or required tailored advice so that we can offer vital support on a short term or ongoing basis. We offer a range of packages of 1 to 1 support so you can choose what is best for you and your needs.

Why should you listen to us?

The VA Success Group is run by us, Emma Walker and Justine Curtis, who are both experienced, leading virtual assistants running our own well established and successful VA businesses. Through the VA success Group, you have access to over 18 years entrepreneurial knowledge at your finger tips and you will learn all the insider secrets of running a premier VA business from two of the industries foremost experts.

We love what we do and are passionate about the VA industry and that includes helping the VAs of the future get off to a flying start. For more information about Emma and Justine, find out all About Us here.

This is your opportunity to get bespoke advice and guidance from Emma and Justine to support you in running your business! For more information, check out the options below to see which suits your individual needs:

Telephone Coaching Calls

This is your opportunity to get one to one advice and guidance from Emma or Justine to support you in running a successful AND profitable VA business!

These are designed for Virtual Assistants who want to make fast, effective changes within their business. These 1 hour phone calls are designed to get your most pressing questions answered and give you inspiration to achieve your goals.

If you’re all fired up and ready to go, but need help and guidance to really drive your business forward, this is just what you need.

To find out more about our Telephone Coaching Calls, click here>>

Email Mentoring Bootcamp Programme

Whether you are an aspiring virtual assistant wanting to start up your own VA business or an existing virtual assistant already up and running, it can be so overwhelming going from employee to business owner. With our Email Mentoring Bootcamp Programme, you can get a step by step plan on starting your business, personalised strategy to attract only your ideal clients and the answers to all your questions.

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VIP Intensive Days

Imagine if you could really accelerate your results to building and growing a super successful and profitable virtual assistant business This fast track to success is possible with a VIP Intensive Day where we will pack months of coaching, mentoring and learning into a 1 day strategy session that focuses solely on your business – no-one else but you!

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