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Due to our busy work commitments with our primary businesses, we have taken the decision to close down VA Success Group as we don’t have the time to dedicate to any more Virtual Assistants.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has become a valued member of our community and we wish you continued success with your virtual assistant business.

Thank you,

Emma & Justine


Would you like to receive coaching and mentoring from real life successful Virtual Assistants?

Do you want honest and informed answers to your questions and advice about your business?

This is your opportunity to get one to one advice and guidance from Emma or Justine to support you in running a successful AND profitable VA business!

We offer individual Telephone Mentoring Calls to those Virtual Assistants who want to make fast, effective changes within their business. These 1 hour phone calls are designed to get your most pressing questions answered and give you inspiration to achieve your goals.

If you’re all fired up and ready to go, but need help and guidance to really drive your business forward, this is just what you need.

With the Telephone Mentoring Calls, you are getting the best of both worlds between coaching AND mentoring:

Coaching will help you ask yourself the right questions, but will leave it up to you to find the answers
Mentoring, you are drawing on the experience of real life successful virtual assistants who actually know the answers

Our Telephone Mentoring Calls are unique as they will be a combination of both coaching and mentoring so that we help you find the answers yourself and also share our secrets to help you avoid that learning curve.

My greatest challenges before the VA Business Strategy session were marketing and pricing.  Marketing has never been a Karen Dunbarstrong point of mine, so I was finding it difficult to actually get new clients.  Also, I was seriously undervaluing my time and efforts when it came to pricing my services.

Emma was fantastic in that she spotted several things straight away and provided a much needed ‘kick up the bum’ in terms of my pricing structure (or rather, lack of!).  Emma realised that my lack of confidence in selling myself to potential new clients, meant that I was often underpricing my services to keep clients happy.  After the session with Emma I thought about the new prices I would be charging from the new year, which are much more in line with VA average hourly rates. 

Emma also gave me some excellent advice on marketing and helped me to think about ‘who’ I wanted to target.  Whereas up to now my target market has been extremely vague, and thus I haven’t been really targeting anyone at all, Emma made me think about smaller groups to focus my marketing on, so this is something I am also thinking about.

The best thing about the session with Emma was that she was very honest and quickly spotted my weaker areas, which were all fundamentally related to my confidence.  It was great to receive such wonderful advice which has actually boosted my confidence as I now feel a lot more focused and certain of where I am taking my business.

I would highly recommend a VA Business Strategy Session to other VAs.  I found it invaluable in terms of pointing me in the right direction.  It’s so difficult setting up a business especially when you are doing it alone.  It can be really daunting and when you have a weak area or a lack of confidence it is often easy to just quit.  I found that my session with Emma gave me a renewed focus and sense of direction, and has certainly made me feel a lot more confident about the future of my business.  I value myself a lot more now which will be reflected in my new pricing structure. 

So yes, I would highly recommend the Business Strategy Sessions to any Virtual Assistant.

Karen Dunbar

1 x Telephone Mentoring Call

Only £97 (per 1 hour call)

Block of 3 x Telephone Mentoring Calls

Only £197 (amazing 3 for 2 offer)


Why should you listen to us?

The VA Success Group is run by us, Emma Walker and Justine Curtis, who are both experienced, leading virtual assistants running our own well established and successful VA businesses. Through the VA Success Group, you have access to over 10 years entrepreneurial knowledge at your finger tips and you will learn all the insider secrets of running a premier VA business from two of the industries foremost experts.

We love what we do and are passionate about the VA industry and that includes helping the VAs of the future get off to a flying start.

Emma Walker started her virtual assistant business in 2005, which specialises in helping coaches, entrepreneurs and home-based businesses concentrate on the money making activities within their businesses with full PA support.

Having established her VA business, Emma was keen to share her knowledge and wrote her first e-book, ‘So you want to become a Virtual Assistant’. She felt there was a gap in the market for information relating to starting and operating a business, especially a virtual assistant business.

In 2010, Emma created the Mumpreneur’s Mentor as a way of helping mumpreneur’s succeed in business through a variety of products, tools and resources designed to help clients go from idea to business, the easy way!

Emma fits running her businesses around her young daughter and growing family. Being her own boss has allowed Emma to devote extra time to her daughter, and to watch her grow and develop into an amazing little girl, who is the inspiration behind everything that she does.

Justine Curtis is the founder and chairman of The UK Association of Virtual Assistants (UKAVA). The UKAVA was formed in 2005 to fill a void in the virtual assistant market. Virtual assistants were becoming more and more in demand as small businesses and sole traders flourished but there was no real association where prospective clients or existing and new virtual assistants could go for information, advice and recommendations.

What the industry needed was a one-stop shop for both potential clients and virtual assistants alike – the UKAVA was born and has gone on to become the number one resource for Virtual Assistants wishing to advertise their services to potential clients, and for potential clients looking for their perfect business partner.

Justine is the author of the first book published in the UK on the subject of “Setting Yourself Up As A Virtual Assistant”. Available in paperback from or as an eBook download from

Justine is also the founder and Director of My Virtual Assistant Limited. My Virtual Assistant is a flourishing virtual business support service, rapidly expanding through a network of licensees across the UK, providing virtual office support, personal assistance, secretarial, business support and administration services to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Justine has been interviewed as an expert in her field by BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour, The Times, The Independent on Sunday, CNBC Business Magazine and the London Evening Standard and is proud to be able to pass on the benefits of her vast experience of the VA role to aspiring and progressive VAs as a Co-Founder of the VA Success Group.

My greatest challenge before I had my Business Strategy Session was knowing exactly where to get started and trying to pinpoint all the different bases I should cover.  Also knowing how to go about networking to find clients.

Chatting the Justine helped me get clear in my mind what tasks I need to focus on to get myself up and running and to realise the potential of the business.

I found the whole call very helpful and I came away with a lot of great ideas.

I would absolutely recommend a Business Strategy Session to other Virtual Assistants, it’s great to get advice from someone who knows so much about the industry and who can quickly come up with suggestions for the areas with which you are struggling.
Victoria Brown

Why should I invest in mentoring?

  • Practical advice and guidance from Emma or Justine – you choose who you want to talk to
  • All calls are from the comfort of your own home via telephone
  • One off package, so no long term or ongoing commitment
  • PAYG basis so book as many calls as you want and need
  • We are active VAs and entrepreneurs running our own successful businesses
  • Get your burning questions answered
  • You also get 30 days email support after the call to get any of your burning questions answered

As this is a one to one individual service, we can only take on a very limited number of Virtual Assistants at any given time in order that we can provide a high level of support and guidance for each of our participants. Book your place now to avoid missing out!

1 x Telephone Mentoring Call

Only £97 (per 1 hour call)

Block of 3 x Telephone Mentoring Calls

Only £197 (amazing 3 for 2 offer)


What was your greatest challenge before your VA Business Strategy Session?Karen Stubbs
I was overwhelmed by all of the different advice available to new VAs and I wasn’t sure how to market myself effectively at networking events.
How has Emma helped you to get clear on what you need to do to build your business?
Emma reassured me that my goals are not unrealistic and are perfectly achievable.  She broke things down into smaller pieces, showed me what my skills are worth and how to package them.
What was the best thing about your session with Emma?
I felt really inspired after my session with Emma.  She gave me some good ideas and directions to pursue, and some great advice for networking which I put into practice the very same day!
Would you recommend a VA Business Strategy Session to other Virtual Assistants?
I would definitely recommend a strategy session to other VAs, especially newbies who feel they could do with some reassurance that their goals are realistic and if they are heading in the right direction.

Karen Stubbs


  • Once you have paid via PayPal, you will be redirected to a website page where you can choose your coach (Emma or Justine) and book your call
  • All calls are for 1 hour duration only and cannot be broken up into number of shorter calls
  • 30 days email support starts the day of your call

Remember, this is your opportunity to get bespoke advice and guidance from Emma or Justine to support you in running your business!

What was your greatest challenge before your VA Business Strategy Session?Joanna Pritchard
My biggest challenge was that my business wasn’t really going forward and I wasn’t gaining new clients on a regular basis.
How has Emma helped you to get clear on what you need to do to build your business?
She has given me suggestions on where to find my ideal client and put myself in front of them.  She also gave me a suggestion on doing a Twitter clinic for my ideal client (Mumpreneurs) and I, am at the moment, conducting some research into when to do this.
What was the best thing about your session with Emma?
I would say, she put the ‘final nail in the coffin’ when it came to my pricing. She (and many others before) has told me I need to increase my prices and I have. So thank you to Emma for (finally) giving me the much needed push)
Would you recommend a VA Business Strategy Session to other Virtual Assistants?
Yes, absolutely!  A new VA needs advice from an established VA and it was really useful.
Joanna Pritchard

What was your greatest challenge before your VA Business Strategy Session? Joanne O'Riordan
I wanted some advice on marketing my business and hopefully finding my niche.

How has Justine helped you to get clear on what you need to do to build your business?
I left the session highly motivated and understood that I needed to spend more time networking online.

What was the best thing about your session with Justine?  
The main thing I took from the session that a great deal of time needs to be spend on marketing and building up my business and having the confidence to do this.

Would you recommend a VA Business Strategy Session to other Virtual Assistants?
Yes it is good to talk to someone with so much experience and hear their views.

Joanne O’Riordan

My confidence in myself and just ‘going for it’ was my biggest challenge.  Emma advised me to get my website up and running even if it is only a page!  

Emma made it clear that finding a niche market is very important as there are 4.8 million small businesses in this country!  I am now looking into this and thinking about what area I would like to target initially.

I think talking to someone who has set up as a VA with a family and is successful has really helped realise that it is achievable.  I would most definitely recommend the session to other VA’s.  Talking, asking questions and gaining knowledge is very important.

I’d like to thank Emma for her time and advice.

Toria Turner

What was your greatest challenge before your VA Business Strategy Session?Sandy Rees
My greatest challenge or so I thought was should my niche be ‘becoming an specialist in social media’ if so which SM should I target for my clients – I wasn’t sure if this was the right direction to go in and should I be spending £s on the training to achieve this.

How has Emma helped you to get clear on what you need to do to build your business?
Yes Emma was very helpful and made me realise that in fact what I should make my ‘niche’ was the target audience I wanted to work with rather that a ‘niche’ skill.  Ie I want to work with entrepreneurs and IT Consultants as these are the kind of clients with my IT corporate marketing background I can add the most value to and want to work with.

Also in order to achieve the level of earnings I want per month Emma explained how I achieve that and what rates I should be charging. We went through my current cost structure and subsequently I have tweaked it following our conversation.

What was the best thing about your session with Emma?
Getting a much clearer understating of what my ‘specialist’ route is and great ideas on how I go about reaching these clients . I have a much clearer path now on what I have to do to target my specialist clients and I have already started putting some of those practices into place . Great advice.

Would you recommend a VA Business Strategy Session to other Virtual Assistants?
Definitely. To have one to one quality time with a VA expert who has been there and done it and can provide the answers to your business concerns like I had is invaluable.

Sandy Rees