Virtual Assistant Business Franchise Opportunities

Do you want to work for yourself running your own virtual assistant business but don’t know where to start?

Do you dream of working from home and fitting work in around your family but are not sure if it could work for you?

Do you long to be your own boss, working in a business you love that will also give you the freedom to have a life outside of work as well as provide a generous income for you and your family?

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Starting a business from scratch is not easy and takes an enormous amount of time, energy and money. Whilst you may already have the skills needed to offer your prospective clients the services they require, unless you have run a successful business before, you may not yet have acquired the many different skills required to actually set up, run and manage your own successful business. Making the transition from employee to business owner can be a daunting one and without the back up and support of an established and proven business model behind you, going it alone can be fraught with pitfalls and costly mistakes.

Starting up on your own can be an expensive exercise, it can take months to finalise your company identity and branding, develop your marketing materials, your web site, source the correct legal documentation and that’s all before you have any clients or start earning any money from your business. If you add into this that you will probably still have to be working, at least part time, to keep the bills paid and food on the table while you are in ‘start up’ phase, it’s no surprise that many small businesses never get off the ground, and of those that do, a huge percentage fail in their first year.

My Virtual Assistant is a proven business operating steadily and solidly in the UK since 2003. By joining us as a Licensee, although you will be responsible for developing your own client base, we will take care of all the online national marketing and branding of the business, enabling you to concentrate on working with your clients and developing your business. We have a quantity of very satisfied previous and existing clients all adding to our reputation as a practical, professional and proactive business partner and by joining us, and becoming part of the My Virtual Assistant team, you can also benefit from that glowing success.

In addition to all that, as part of the package you will receive your very own copy of the My Virtual Assistant Operations and Training Manual. This document contains all the information you will ever need to set up and run your success virtual assistant business. It will tell you everything you need to get started, from what equipment you need to registering your self employed status, where to find and how to land your first clients (and how to keep generating more and more!) and how to expand and grow your business. The operations section of the manual details all the policies and procedures you need follow as part of the My Virtual Assistant team which will ensure your business is run effectively and efficiently, right from the start. This is truly invaluable as these are proven techniques that we have developed after years of trial and error.

If you find that you need more guidance or really want to plough full speed ahead with your business, we also offer both group and one 2 one mentoring with My Virtual Assistants founder and Company Director Justine Curtis. Her experience of the virtual assistant industry is vast as she not only trains and mentors start up and established VA’s as part of the VA Success Group, she is also the founder of the UK Association of Virtual Assistants. If you’ve ever wanted to ‘ask an expert’ anything about starting up or running a successful virtual assistant business, this is your chance.

After considering the costs and potential pitfalls involved with setting up your business from scratch, you will see that purchasing a License with My Virtual Assistant is a very competitive option. More importantly, it will help your business grow and expand with the support of their team of License Holders, their national marketing exposure and the ongoing support of their expert Mentoring packages.

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